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IGM Quakertown PA

Limestone - Travertine - Marble - Granite - Quartz - Quartzite

IGM Quakertown is the place to select slabs for your next kitchen or bathroom surface project

Check out the different categories below that show some of our current inventory to get an idea of what might work for you.

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Man made Quartz surfacing is more popular than ever now. The advancing industry has been abe to duplicate the subtle appearances of many white marbles, which gives the consumer the marble look without the worry of stains and etching. Take a look at our featured materials now.

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IGM has long been the leader in offering the highest quality granite slabs with a terriffic selection from countries around the world. Schedule a time to visit our warehouse today to choose your next surface.

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We have been furnising the best selections of marble from all over the world since 1948. Our inspectors select only the highest quality for import, assuring you the best collection for your project.

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Quartzite, which offers a natural marble look but with more of the maintenance qualities of granite, is the perfect natural stone choice for many designers. The color pallets available in this category vary from warm to cool. Call today to start your selections.

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