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Care and Cleaning


The right approach to stone care and maintenance begins with understanding its geological composition and classification. To preserve the beauty and make it last longer, we must know the properties and characteristics of the specific stone (quartz or natural stone) being taken into consideration.

For regular cleaning of the stone, take the guidance of your fabricator and choose the right cleaning products to prevent any issues like etching or dullness of the surface. Also, get the right sealant applied in the case of marble, limestone, quartzite, travertine, or granite stone product, especially when installed in high-traffic areas like kitchens and bath areas.

IGM doesn’t provide any warranty for the products. However, if proper care is taken, the stones could do wonders for a longer period. To preserve the beauty of the stone: several points should be kept in mind. For instance, it is recommended to place coasters under the glasses if they contain citrus juices or alcohol. Secondly, mats are required whenever you are placing hot pans on the stone.

How Cleaning Should be Done

Cleaning stone surfaces with mild liquid dishwashing detergent and water keep the stone’s beauty intact for a long time. It is recommended to use a clean rag mop for the best results. To remove soap scum, use a solution of ammonia and water.

Cleaning Products

Products containing vinegar or lemon might dull the stone’s beauty. Make sure that you do not mix bleach and ammonia, as this creates harmful gases. Scouring creams contain abrasives, which might scratch stones.

Sealing the Stone

Sealing products are impregnators, which do not act as a sealant but more like a repellant. Sealing makes the stone more resistant to stain. Talk with the experts about sealing procedures, and you might know the best sealing practices. Consult with the specific sealing manufacturer and the frequency to use.

Finding Stains and Removing Them

After identifying stains, it becomes easier to remove them. Stains can be acidic, metallic, or paint based. If you are still wondering what caused the stain, then do check out for staining agents that are present. Consider asking some questions like - what is its shape or what color is it.


Here is a list of the most common and frequently asked questions along with their answers.

The need for sealing any stone depends on its porosity and the stone being considered. In most cases, the porous stones require sealant application to prevent problems like etching and staining.

While marble, limestone, sandstone, and onyx require sealing, quartz and soapstone do not require to be sealed. On the other hand, granite and flagstone may need to be sealed sometimes.

No, it is usually not recommended to use regular cleaning products on the stone surfaces. The chemicals in these cleaning products can adversely affect the stone and lead to etching or make them appear dull. It is best to consult the fabricator for specific instructions on cleaning, sealing, and maintenance of the installed stone product.

No two natural stone slabs are the same, and each one is unique. As natural stone is a product of nature, it is subject to variations. And this is why for the same stone, the characteristics like mineral deposits and veinings would vary from quarry to quarry.

Natural stones offer great value for money, and the ROI (return on investment) for remodeling projects in kitchens and master baths is more than 90%. They are a long-term investment that can enhance the home value.

While quartz is an engineered stone, marble, granite, limestone & others are purely natural stones. Whether it is natural stones or quartz, both are beautiful, and the choice of stone would depend on the requirements and area of application.

If you want to create a high-traffic kitchen, quartz should be used, but natural stone is best suited for ageless kitchen space. The quartz stone doesn’t require sealing and is easy to maintain, and the natural stone requires a sealant application.