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Since 1948, IGM Corp is a leading provider of domestic & imported slab materials that has been serving the designers, architects, and fabricators for their commercial or residential project requirements. Having a vast experience of more than 70 years, we have been catering to the custom needs of homeowners and professionals by bringing in our broad expertise in the natural stone and engineered quartz market.

We specialize in the commercial natural stone market and import different varieties of natural stones and quartz from various countries across the world like Brazil, China, India, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Germany.

From the specification process to managing engineering, fabrication & shipping duties, we have it all covered. We source the premium stone products from overseas factories and deliver them safely to your job site to ensure that your next project is a success.

Our Story

IGM Surfaces is a 70-year-old legacy brand in the commercial natural stone market and has been providing premium-quality domestic and imported slab materials. We have been meeting the custom requirements of several fabricators, architects, and designers for their residential and commercial projects.

Through all these years since 1948, we have been evolving and expanding our business consistently across the US. All of our warehouses based in different locations have a team of experts that can help you choose the perfect product and make your project successful. Get in touch with us NOW!


We, at IGM Surfaces, work diligently & passionately in our respective teams of well-qualified and experienced professionals to help our clients accomplish their project goals.

We are always looking for individuals who are passionate about their work, have a deep interest and knowledge of their field or domain, and can build a good relationship with the team and customers.

Check out our latest openings here! And if you think you are a perfect fit for any of the roles, please send us a cover letter with your resume. Our concerned team would review it and would get back to you shortly!

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We sincerely welcome your job applications as we're always looking for well-experienced and skilled professionals. Please do share your resume with us at career@igm.com.

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At IGM Surfaces, we provide a premium range of stone products and best-in-class services to several industry professionals, ranging from architects to designers to fabricators.

We offer diverse stone choices like Quartz, Granite, Marble, Quartzite, Porcelain, Dolomite, Limestone, Calcite, Slate, and Soapstone to professionals from different sectors for their projects. These products are all durable and come in myriad colors, textures, patterns, and finishes and are ideal for both residential and commercial indoor and outdoor settings.

An architect lends a functional and beautiful touch by introducing aesthetic and durable elements into the setting, be it traditional and contemporary. Right from designing the layout to bringing it into reality, they can improve the visual appeal and help transform your residential or commercial space with adept use of architectural materials.

For over seven decades, the architects from the US, India, and other parts of the globe have been choosing from our wide range of supreme quality quartz stones and different types of natural stone products like granite, marble, porcelain, and others to meet their unique project needs.

So if you are an architect, reach out to us at IGM Surfaces for more details and further assistance!

The discerning designers have a knack for designing any interior or exterior space while keeping in mind the style of that setting. They know how to retain the essence of the space and can transform it with the right blend of colors, textures, and patterns.

For multiple residential and commercial uses, we help designers in making the right choice of stone products that would perfectly suit the project. These products not only add durability & beauty to space, but they also come with various other beneficial features & properties.

So are you a designer planning to revamp a space or creating one from scratch? If yes, then IGM Surfaces has you covered! We would be happy to discuss it in detail and cater to all your custom designing needs.

The kitchen and bath areas are high-utility areas and may require high maintenance. The typical applications in this space include shower surrounds, tabletops, countertops, vanities, backsplashes, walls, flooring, sinks, and others.

All these applications are prone to daily wear and tear, chemical attack, thermal shock, stains, skid/slip, dust, cracks, and moisture. So since the kitchens & baths require elegant and functionally durable stone products that are easy to clean and maintain, our quartz & natural stone products are a perfect pick and can last long without even losing their sheen.

So do you have any kitchen & bath projects to build from scratch or renovate? If yes, let us know about your specific requirements & our expert team would help you choose the right product.

The stone fabricators turn a raw or rough stone into a refined stone by achieving the right size, edge, and shape as per clients’ needs. They help homeowners & professionals in creating true masterpieces by building their dream commercial and residential spaces.

In the form of both tiles and slabs, IGM Surfaces offers the highest quality quartz products and various natural stones like granite, dolomite, limestone & marble that are widely known to be an ideal and truly practical choice for building a robust, low-maintenance, and beautiful setting.

If you are a professional stone fabricator, we can help you choose from our wide-ranging stone products for any and every project requirement you may have. Contact us right away for expert assistance!